Why GreenPhone

Make our Planet Happy!

The smartphone market has exploded in recent years. Indeed, it sells about 130 million smartphones a month in the world. As a result, this production has consequences for the environment, but also  for Man. Conscious of this situation GreenPhone’s mission is to propose an ecological way to its partners.

Why we created GreenPhone ?

We have often been confronted with this concern that many entrepreneurs encounter. What am I going to do with all this electronic waste? The idea came to us : RECYCLING. It’s a reality today, recycling concerns everyone. By becoming aware of the negative impact of electronic waste on the nature. The answer to the question “Why we created GreenPhone?” will appear as evidence.

Why GreenPhone Mobile Devices Recycling iphone Broken LCD in bulk

Making a phone, why is it harmful?

A phone consists of 50% metals, 40% plastics and 10% glass and ceramics.
The industry uses many different metals for making our smartphones. It contains twenty different metals, such as lead, arsenic, chromium or cobalt. And Some of them like lead, mercury or arsenic have devastating effects on nature.

Disastrous social consequences

Also the extraction of these raw materials is devastating socially. Firstly because it is done in very bad conditions. Effectively in Congo, for example, more than 40,000 children would work in cobalt and coltan mines. Moreover these mines are generally located in conflict zones.

The situation is terrible but not desperate. To combat these problems, a simple solution: RECYCLING.

Recycling: a solution that is still underdeveloped

Do not throw your phones and other electronic waste in the garbage.
For 10,000 recycled phones, a recycling company recovers and reuses approximately 80 kg of copper.But also 130 grams of gold and 700 grams of silver, among others.

Why GreenPhone is the solution you should use?

The second technical life of your mobile phone can therefore be doubly supportive: a good action and a preservation of the environment.

How you can help GreenPhone to make our planet happy?

Now that you’re dying to recycle your phone, and get some money back. Help us to make our planet happy.

By using the services of GreenPhone you participate modestly but surely to safeguard the environment. For each transaction, we donate 1 € to an association that works for reforestation in Africa.

Sell your mobile or broken LCD screens. Receive money in return. You contribute to the well-being of the planet. Do not wait any longer …


Are you a professional with a mobile phone repair shop? An individual or enthusiast who regularly repair mobile phones? A company that specializes in refurbishing mobile phones? Are you ready to sell your broken LCDs, Motherboard or used iPhone, Samsung, Huawei? So, be sure that GreenPhone buys your used products to make the Planet Happy!