About us


GreenPhone was born from the association of two friends passionate about electronics and travel. The mission and origins of GreenPhone take root in Paris, the city in which we live.After more than 10 years of experience in mobile telephony, we wanted to start a professional reconversion. We were undecisive. The interrogations multiplied for many weeks. But that remained vague.


We decided each of our side to travel to give time for reflection.
Air ticket in hand, heading West Africa for one, South Africa and Namibia for the other.


Back in Paris, the batteries recharged, the ideas were more precise and clear.
First we were sure of one thing, we absolutely wanted to stay in the world of entrepreneurship. Then we wanted to create our start up. Finally, the project had to be ethical and humanistic.


Raised awareness of the harmful effects of the mobile phone industry on the planet, recycling has become obvious. GreenPhone was born.
On the one hand, it allowed us to stay in a sector we knew at our fingertips: mobile telephony. So it was for us, the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant in a way.


More and more innovative eco-friendly projects are born every day. Making a modest contribution to environmental protection and as our slogan “Make our planet Happy” says is a very motivating element that adds meaning to our activity.


GreenPhone’s mission is to serve humanity and the environment, in accordance with the convictions of its founders. We therefore focus on sustainable development, the challenge being to try to turn problems into assets. environmental problems are many and the task is huge, but we believe in it and make every effort to make it happen.


GreenPhone mission’s is to serve humanity.In order to push GreenPhone’s “eco-friendly” experience a little further, we have decided to support the “NEBEDAY” association. We are therefore committed to donating 1 euro to each transaction.

For 2019, the association has set itself the goal of planting 600,000 trees.
Let’s add the useful to the pleasant, help them achieve their goal … send us your devices !!!


Are you a professional with a mobile phone repair shop? An individual or enthusiast who regularly repair mobile phones? A company that specializes in refurbishing mobile phones? Are you ready to sell your broken LCDs, Motherboard or used iPhone, Samsung, Huawei? So, be sure that GreenPhone buys your used products to make the Planet Happy!