Do good

Sell your device... reforest Africa

Ready to be a good person? Not only does GreenPhone pay more for your electronics, but with your help, we’re making a positive impact on the community. For every LCD screen sold, GreenPhone donates $1 to reforest Senegal.

Green-Phone has partnered with the Senegalese association Nébéday whose main mission is to reforest Senegal.

“600,000 trees operation”

Nébéday set itself the objective of replanting 600 000 trees for 2019. Let’s add the useful to the pleasant, help them achieve their goal … send us your devices !!!

To follow the plantations and to see in detail where they take place, with what species of trees, which villages of planters, go on:


Are you a professional with a mobile phone repair shop? An individual or enthusiast who regularly repair mobile phones? A company that specializes in refurbishing mobile phones? Are you ready to sell your broken LCDs, Motherboard or used iPhone, Samsung, Huawei? So, be sure that GreenPhone buys your used products to make the Planet Happy!